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In conjuction with, Wellness Festival Singapore 2022


Workshop facilitator,
Clem Escano
C3 Empowerment Resources

  Empower yourself to keep relationships good and happy!

In this workshop, you will learn relational self-awareness which integrates awareness of self and awareness of others.

Knowing and understanding who you are and other people will empower you to nurture and maintain good relationships.


You will attain self-awareness by learning motivational intelligence from your personal Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) which would enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of why and how you behave when interacting with other people and how your behaviour impacts your relationships. You will also be able to understand why other people behave the way they do and how their behavior impacts your relationships.


Expect a fun and mind-opening experience in learning who you are from your RMP and be empowered by your heightened relational self-awareness to have the confidence to navigate your relationships even through rough patches to maintain empathy, trust and communication - be it with your spouse, your child, a friend or friends, your colleagues or business partners.


You will be equipped with self-awareness skills for life which is what is needed most whenever there are challenges knocking against your good relationships and threatening your emotional well-being.


Your experience will be enhanced if you attend the workshop with someone whose relationship is important to you.



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